Boat cleaning techniques

Keeping a boat clean can save you a lot of expenses on maintenance and repairs. There are a lot of issues that can happen with your boat if you do not keep it clean. Not only that, not cleaning it for a while will mean that you will need to do a much longer job of the cleaning process when you actually get down to it. And there is obviously no doubt that a clean boat looks and feels far better.

Using a garden hose and a bucket to clean the boat is not a good idea because you are not likely to do the job well. Get your hands on a power washer and you will see how easy the job becomes. Just this can cut the time required to clean the boat by half. The compound and wax that you use to clean should be marine grade. It is not a car and therefore you should not be using compounds that you use for your land vehicles. Boats that get extremely dirty or have been in salt water need a more thorough cleaning and a stronger detergent should be considered to erase the effect of oxidation. And obviously only fresh water from the tap should be used for the cleaning!

Letting your boat soak up the detergent water is a good idea. It allows the detergent to break the dirt so that it comes off easily. If the water is even slightly hard, your boat may develop water stains if you allow it to dry off on its own. So consider drying in this case.



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