Anchoring a boat

There is some discussion about whether an anchor is a necessary item that needs to be carried on boat as a law. While it may not be a law as yet, there is definitely a lot of reason why you should actually carry one. An anchor is not something that you use only you throw on shore when you get off the boat for a while. It is a piece of equipment that can help you a lot in specific situations. Anchoring a boat in rough weather can keep your boat from dashing against the rocks.

When you spend so much on the other accessories for our boat, there is no reason why you should not invest in one anchor that is appropriate for the boat that you have. It is also necessary that you the rode that you carry should be in accordance with the depth of the water that you are planning to go on to. A common thumb rule is to use rode that is 7 times as long as the depth of the water. This means that if you expect to be in a water body that is about 30 feet, the rode that you need to have is about 210 feet. In addition to that carrying some extra rode never hurt anyone and this is something that can really come in handy in rough weather.

The anchor should always be lowered slowly into the water. Even though the term 'throw the anchor' is used very often, it is actually not right to throw the anchor in the water. In addition to that you need to ensure that the anchor is attached to the anchor line at one end and something that is sturdy and secure. Anchoring from the bow is always better too.



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