Boating Equipment

The boating equipment required in order to enjoy this leisure activity depends on the specific kind of activity that you want to use the boat for. There are different kinds of boats that are made for specific purposes. Each of these boats is designed differently so that they can perform to the optimum level.

In addition to the right kind of boat that you need to have, you will also need the right kind of accessories to make your boating trip a success. These can range from a compass and sunglasses to a Swiss knife and floatation devices. What one does need to remember is that there are some accessories that are mandatory and have to be present on board every time that you go boating. Some other equipment that you need to also have includes ropes, anchors, slings and more. It is always better to be safe than sorry and you obviously do not want to be stranded on a lake or a river without any means of communication with the coast guard.

Mandatory and optional boating equipment

The US Coast Guard lists the basic minimum equipment that needs to be carried on board when you go out on the boat. The first of these are personal flotation devices. These can be approved type I, II, III or IV. There is a need for type I, II or II per person and one extra type IV that is a device that can be thrown. A bell or a whistle is mandatory for all vessels that are less than 20 meters l...


Family recreation boats

There are various kinds of family boats. These are boats that can be used by the entire family in order to have a great day on the water. The bowrider, for example, is one of the most popular spotboat that has extra seats for the times you invite family friends over. There are generally swim platforms at the rear end of the boat that are convenient for swimming or for the times when you want to...


Fishing boats

There are various kinds of fishing boats that you can choose to buy. There are all purpose fishing boats, aluminum fishing boats and special bass boats. The all-purpose fishing boats are obviously created in order to allow all the flexibility that is required to ensure that you can use it for all kinds of fishing. These boats can be used in freshwater and salt water fishing. They are easy to nav...


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